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The Coloplast Online Training Portal will provide the platform to enable you to share, learn, develop knowledge and skills that meet the needs of staff, clients and the public.

Benefits of the Coloplast® Learning Portal

  • Develop your expertise within Bladder Management
  • Get up to speed on specific topis and expand your clinicial experience
  • Learn more about patient care
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Strive Webinars

A new series of webinars looking at UTI risk factors and how HCPs and patients can strive to minimise these.

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Listen to our coloplast professional podcast 

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Coloplast and Ulster University have developed a unique website called the Apollo Nursing Resource, which enables specialist nurses to communicate the benefit and value of their work.

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Coloplast Talks

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Brochures and leaflets

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Introducing intermittent catheterisation (IC) to your patients

Get a quick overview of the benefits of IC as well as the answers to some of the most common concerns your patient may have prior to starting IC.

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Continence Life Study Review

The Continence Life Study Review focuses on IC adherence. Get the holistic approach to how you can support adherence – from the first time you mention IC to your patient, through your approach to training, to the way you send your patient back into society, now as a catheter user.

Research and Collaboration

To find out more about the latest advisory boards and panels / research projects please contact your local Territory Manager.

Advisory Boards and Panels

Help create life-changing products and services by sharing insights with our scientists, engineers, designers, and other experts.

Research Projects

Pursue new ways to raise the standard of care through clinical trials, product testing, and other research activities.

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