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The right resources for you and your patients

Caring for wounds and skin can be a complex and uncertain process especially with wounds. That is why we have developed clinical tools and resources to support you to manage wounds confidently.

Tools for you

Triangle of Wound Assessment

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Assessment & documentation tool

Get started with using the Triangle of Wound Assessment with the printable assessment form – ready to use in your clinic.

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Wound assessment guide

Learn about the simple steps from complete wound assessment to setting management goals and selecting the optimal treatment

Holistic Approach in Assessing Wounds

Education module - Holistic Approach in Assessing Wounds

Course content

  • Importance of wound assessment
  • Patient assessment
  • Local wound assessment
  • Documenting wound assessment
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Holistic wound assessment

Holistic wound assessment

  • Why is wound assessment important?
  • What is holistic wound assessment?
  • A structured approach to your wound care management plan
  • Defining your wound care management plan and treatment goals
  • How often should you assess the wound?

Tools for your patients

Resources for you and your patients.

For wounds that have been assessed as appropriate for shared or self-care we have some dedicated resources available to support them.

Allowing patients to care for their wound can improve their understanding and confidence managing it, as well as their quality of life.

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Patient Shared care – Information pack for healthcare professionals

Patient Shared Care - Information Pack

Research shows that helping patients to share the care of their wounds improves self confidence and enhances the understanding of your condition. It also improves Quality of Life and provides more convenient care.

* This guide includes products

Patient hand-out
Support your patients  in caring for their wounds

Support your patients in caring for their wounds

Empowering patients in care planning is important to enhance patient concordance with the care plan increasing healing progression.

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