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Biatain Contact

What is a contact layer?

Contact layer dressings – or contact layers – are thin, non-adherent sheets made of woven or perforated material. You place contact layers directly on the open wound bed to protect the tissue from direct contact with the wound dressing.

There are two types of contact layers: traditional and silicone.

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What are the benefits of silicone contact layers?

What are the benefits of silicone contact layers?

Modern, silicone contact layers offer a two-fold benefit. They protect the wound from trauma during dressing changes, and they allow exudate to pass freely through the contact layer to an absorbent secondary dressing. 

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Selecting the right contact layer

How do I select the right contact layer?

  • 4 important factors to consider when selecting a contact layer dressing
  • 5 tips for choosing the right contact layer dressing

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