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The Journal Club aims to provide you with interesting articles to help support you and your service. 
Each newsletter will include a full reference and a brief description of the article. If you do not have an account to search and download these articles, contact your hospital library and they will be able to support you in obtaining them.
In these ever-changing times it is important to remember the fundamentals of what we do, all articles make interesting and thought-provoking reading.
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Best practice in stoma care for neonates, children and teenagers

The Global Paediatric Stoma Nurses Advisory Board has issued guidelines to help clinicians achieve consistent best practice.

Paediatric stoma care nursing is still a relatively undescribed field, and little literature and research are available. In fact, many stoma care nurses working with adults say they would not be comfortable caring for the paediatric population. To meet the need for clear and effective guidelines in this important area, an international group of paediatric stoma care experts have developed best-practice guidelines on paediatric stoma care to support colleagues working in this field and ultimately improve the quality of life for neonates, children and teenagers with a stoma and their families.

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Ostomy Life Study Review 18/19

Leakage is one of the greatest challenges for people living with a stoma. We know that poor fit to body is the main cause of leakage – so the clue is to find a type of appliance that creates that perfect fit. But since bodies are different, this can be quite a challenge. Based on the outcome of the Peristomal Body Profile Consensus Project, this issue of our Ostomy Life Study Review shares insight and best-practice guidelines on how to accurately assess body profiles and determine the ostomy appliance that will achieve what healthcare professionals and patients are looking for: perfect fit, greater comfort and quality of life.

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Ostomy Life Study Review 16/17

In this Ostomy Life Study Review, we uncover some of the hidden burdens that people living with a chronic condition have to endure. Highlighting the findings of the Ostomy Study Life Study (2016), this issue focuses particularly on the challenges that people with different peristomal body profiles experience and provides recommendations on how to help patients deal with them. Introducing the Body Profile Terminology, the issue also reflects on the importance of a having a standard terminology to describe the peristomal area, so we can improve knowledge sharing on treatments and leakage prevention.  

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Ostomy Life Study Review 15/16

Having an ostomy and adjusting to a new life situation with altered bodily function can be physically and mentally overwhelming. In this issue of the Ostomy Life Study Review, we cast light on the underlying factors influencing quality of life for patients. The choice of right appliance obviously plays a key role in this respect. Unfolding the relation between quality of life and the need for convex solutions, this issue introduces The Convexity Wheel – an assessment tool that supports you in choosing the right convex appliance for your patient.

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