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Find the right resources to support patients

Starting on a new product or treatment can be difficult. Find the tools you need to train and guide your patients into to good management routines.

Lifestyle advice for patients

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Returning to work

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Guide your patients to the right solution and routines

Troubleshoot now


Find advice and solutions to help solve common issues such as leakage or irritated skin.

Take the BodyCheck


Chances are that the body shape has changed since the surgery. Check the body profile and stoma type to find the right solution.

Learn about stoma care routines

Stoma Care Routines

Learn the correct stoma care routines for applying and removing your appliance, to keep your skin healthy

Download the Stoma Care App

A unique platform for healthcare professionals

Information and advice on stoma care
at the touch of a button

Patient support programs and apps

Contact Coloplast Charter

Personalised support for your patients

To allow you more time to focus on what's important - care for your patients, our experienced, who will get to know you, will provide: Easy registration of new patients to Coloplast Charter, and efficient resolution of queries and let you know the outcome

Register patient

Online and Email Programme for patients

The challenge of concordance is not solved by products alone, in partnership with you, our Best Start programme helps our patients become confident and concordant with the routines you have advised.

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