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HCP Resources- Best Start for better bowel care

HCP Training Tools

We have developed an extensive range of tools to support you and your patients as they establish a new bowel management routine with Peristeen Plus. Because every patient is different, the initial outcomes of Peristeen Plus can vary from individual to individual but with patience and practice, your patients can achieve significant improvements in bowel function and quality of life – these tools will show you how.

Peristeen Plus

Provides an introduction to Peristeen Plus and how it can benefit your patients.

View Training Guide

Training guide for HCPs

Includes additional information and guidelines should your patient experience any common problems and provides advise on how to overcome these.

Learn more about the upgraded features

What’s new in Peristeen Plus

Peristeen Plus comes with several improvements which make it easier and more intuitive to use.

View the NBD score

NBD Score

Assess the severity of your patient’s bowel dysfunction with the NBD Score

Find out how Peristeen Plus works

How Peristeen Plus works

simple guide to how Peristeen Plus works