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Biatain Contact

A one-sided silicone contact layer for undisturbed wound healing.

What is Biatain® Contact

Biatain® Contact is a one-sided silicone contact layer offering properties to overcome the challenges in the treatment of ulcers and chronic or acute lesions, with various levels of exudate.

  • Improved perforation for enhanced exudate transfer and protection against maceration
  • Transparent to facilitate wound assessment without removing the dressing
  • Thin and easy to apply one-sided film with silicone adhesive
What makes Biatain Contact different?

What makes Biatain Contact different?

Enhanced exudate transfer
  • Reduced risk of maceration and exudate pooling
  • Protects wound bed and periwound skin
  • 60% bigger pores*
  • 3 times faster*
  • No lateral spread*

*Compared to current market leading silicone wound contact layers

Facilitates wound assessment
  • Transparent for wound inspection without removal
  • Undisturbed wound healing

Learn how to apply Biatain Contact

Learn how to apply Biatain Contact

Prepare the wound and select the size of Biatain Contact that will cover the wound and periwound skin in need of preparation.

Easy application and removal
  • One-sided adhesion for smooth application and changes of secondary dressing
  • Protects against ingrowth and minimises pain

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Sizes and codes

Size (cm) Qty Code NHS PIP
5 x 7.5 5 33560 EKH111 415-3573
7.5 x 10 5 33561 EKH114 415-3581
10 x 18 5 33562 EKH112 415-3599
18 x 30 5 33564 EKH113 415-3607