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What is exudate management?

The role of ‘the gap’ in wound healing

  • What is the gap?
  • What is exudate?
  • How exudate impacts wound healing
  • Why managing the gap is critical to prevent exudate pooling 
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How to assess ‘the gap’

How to assess ‘the gap’

  • Why it’s important to assess the gap
  • What to look for when assessing the gap
  • How often should I assess the gap?
  • Exudate: The different types and colors
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How to manage ‘the gap’

How to manage ‘the gap’

  • How to manage the gap effectively
  • Choose the right wound dressing
  • What to look for in a dressing
  • When to change the dressing and what to look for
The Gap Challenge

The Gap Challenge

With conventional foam dressings, a gap can form between the wound bed and the dressing. This allows exudate pooling, which may lead to the risk of infection, and to a delay in wound healing6,7,8. Biatain Silicone is a conforming dressing with 3DFit® Technology that fills the gap and reduces exudate pooling to promote optimal healing conditions.

Evidence suggest that the use of Biatain Silicone in wounds up to 2cm in depth instead of a filler and secondary dressing can reduce unit cost spend by 49-51% 9,10

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