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Online Non Prescription Ordering Service

Simplifying Wound Management

Health Care Professionals and NHS organisations face the challenge of balancing the increasingly complex wound treatment and management needs of their patients with ever decreasing resources.

We believe that transformation of wound care supply and distribution is possible through ONPOS, our Online Non-Prescription Ordering Service.

Launched in 2004, ONPOS continues to be a market leading non-prescription service provider and today 80 organisations use ONPOS in more than 2,800 locations across the UK.

Online Non Prescription Ordering Service

ONPOS is proven to deliver the right dressing at the right time and simplifies the delivery of wound care in managing and improving compliance, reducing wastage as well as reducing total wound management spend.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Formulary compliance of 85-99%1,2,3
  • Reduction in product wastage1,2,3
  • Simplified process to acquire dressings and save time1,2,3
  • Improved patient care and experience5
  • 20% reduction in wound care community spend3
  • Service & spend monitoring via real-time data to identify savings1,2,5

For more information or to arrange a call with our Healthcare Partnership Managers, email woundcareuk@coloplast.com or freephone on 0330 175 5836

Learn all about ONPOS - Online Non-Prescription Ordering Service

Learn all about ONPOS - Online Non-Prescription Ordering Service


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