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Holistic wound assessment

Holistic wound assessment

  • Why is wound assessment important?
  • What is holistic wound assessment?
  • A structured approach to your wound care management plan
  • Defining your wound care management plan and treatment goals
  • How often should you assess the wound?
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Wound assessment tools

Wound assessment tools

  • What is the Triangle of Wound Assessment?
  • The three key areas of the wound
  • The Triangle of Wound Assessment tool
  • How to use the Triangle of Wound Assessment tool
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Simplifying wound preparation

Simplifying wound preparation

Our research tells us that clinicians currently experience key challenges with existing wound cleansing and wound debridement products such as limited functionality, low absorption and lack of usage control.

  • Two tools in one
  • Designed for improved absorption
  • Easy and convenient to use
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Considerations for treatment and dressing choice

  • The Gap and wound depth
  • Risk of infection, Infection or Biofilm
  • Exudate management
  • Patient / carer can change themselves (supported shared care)

The Biatain Range of 3DFit Technology dressings to treat and simplify the management of the Gap.

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