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Resources to help you troubleshoot in stoma care

Finding the right ostomy appliance or treatment can be challenging but there are plenty of ways for you to solve patient cases. Take a look at our troubleshooting catalogue of how to videos, instructions, step-by-step guides etc.

Validated Tools

Your patients may need a lot of help and guidance, both before and after stoma surgery. In this section, we present a wide variety of Coloplast tools, materials and programmes that can support you in caring for and helping your patients

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Ostomy Skin Tool

The Stoma Quality of Life tool (Stoma-QoL) is a simple, validated questionnaire that can be used to measure quality of life in people with a stoma – and identify the issues that may cause anxiety or concern.

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Body Assessment

Use this editable PDF to define your patient's peristomal body profile as part of your holistic assessment. Simply open up the form by clicking the download assessment button below, then once you've completed the assessment you can save for your records and print off if required.

View the Ostomy Self-assesment Tools

Ostomy Self-assessment Tools

If your stoma patients are experiencing sore skin or leakage, they may want to try free samples to reduce these issues. Our Ostomy Self-assessment Tools have been created with the help of stoma nurses to offer the best guidance and recommend product solutions for those issues.

Resources for HCPs

From validated tools to handy hints and tips this section will provide you with all the tools you need to provide up to date and evidence based practice

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Anatomy and Physiology

Learn more about anatomy and physiology - including the digestive system and urinary system

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Different stoma types

Information about different stoma types

Learn about Colostomy Irrigation

Watch the video to learn more

Further Resources

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Safe Digital Resources

In a digital world more emphasis is being able to provide care via a digital media. Coloplast Professional is  here to provide you with the digital tools and resources you need to achieve this.

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Patient Care

Looking to find the right resources to support your patients

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Validated Assessment Tools

A selection of validated tools to help you support your patients

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Learn about how outward body profiles influence quality of life

Many circumstances contribute in making it difficult for individuals with an outward peristomal body profile to obtain a proper ostomy product fit. Have the needs of people with outward peristomal body profiles been overlooked? Learn more about outward body profiles – incidence and complications.

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An unfamiliar body in an unfamiliar land

Profound bodily changes – such as stoma surgery – may leave the patient feeling alienated from their body and their sense of self. In this theme, we explore how stoma surgery impacts a patient’s self-perception – and what you can do to help your patients move from ‘stomaland’ to their new ‘homeland’.

Meet the Experts

Coloplast Talks presents an entire catalogue of short videos on key topics across the fields of chronic care. Each video is based on keynote presentations given by leading experts at our symposia, congresses and events. In this section, we’ve collected Talks that address the topics of complicated stomas and outward peristomal profiles.

Living with a complicated stoma

Watch Rachel change the pouch on her ileostomy and hear her share her experience of what it’s like to live with a complicated stoma.

Rachel Jury, (Blogger, Bournemouth, UK) and Terri Porrett (Head of Education Ostomy Division, Coloplast UK). Ostomy Days 2018, Copenhagen

How does a parastomal bulge impacts a patient’s life?

Join Marianne as she shares the highlights from her research on how a parastomal bulge impacts a patient’s quality of life.

Marianne Krogsgaard (PhD Student, MHS, RN, Abdominal Centre, Rigshospitalet, Denmark).Ostomy Days 2018, Copenhagen

Surgical techniques for parastomal hernias

Watch and learn as leading surgeon, Dr. Peter-Martin Krarup introduces the surgical techniques used for treating and preventing parastomal hernias.

Peter-Martin Krarup, MD, Colerectal surgeon and consultant at Zealand University Hospital, Roskilde, Denmark.Ostomy Days 2018, Copenhagen

Coloplast Charter for HCPs

Giving you access to a team of specialists who are dedicated to work alongside your Coloplast Territory Manager to ensure you get the best service possible.

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Personalised support

To allow you more time to focus on what's important - caring for your patients - our experienced team, will provide:

  • Easy registration of new patients to Coloplast Charter 
  • Efficient resolution of queries 
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Online & Email programme

The challenge of concordance is not solved by products alone, in partnership with you, our Best Start programme helps our patients become confident and concordant with the routines you have advised.

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